Boomer's Boards

Boomer's Boards

Custom cutting boards, wall art, table tops, and chacueterie boards.

About us

Boomer’s Board began as a hobby for Aaron Tyler. His passion for woodworking was one that he always had but never had free time to do it. He started testing out his ability to make tables for an office that he had by working in his garage at home. Eventually he thought of making boards designed as the American Flag. His family and friends told him that his hobby can turn into a business for him because of the great craftsmanship and the ability to be creative with his designs. That is when he started making boards with logos on them or different quotes or engraved with people’s names.

Aaron is a self taught guy with many talents for using his hands to build or renovate dental offices as a fulltime job. His love for making different tables was the backbone of the new restaurant that his wife and daughter opened up in April of 2020. At St Jean’s Café, every table is made to be unique by design and the different woods that he uses. He travels around the state of CT to find pieces of wood that he can manufacture as a board or furniture.

The name of the company had been inspired by his love for his dog Boomer. Back in 2018, Aaron was searching the internet for the opportunity to rescue a dog. It was over two years that he had not had one and he decided to look for a Newfoundland. It took awhile to find one to adopt but he finally located one in New Jersey. The puppy was found wandering the streets and was estimated to be around 9 months old. The animal shelter had aggressively tried to locate the owner of the pup to no prevail. On September 12th of 2018, Aaron was able to bring the puppy home. Boomer has been his side companion for the almost 3 years. It was Aaron’s nephew who said that his company should be named Boomer’s Boards because of the love that Aaron has for his dog. That was when the company became Boomer’s Boards.