Boomer's Boards

Boomer's Boards

Custom cutting boards, wall art, table tops, and chacueterie boards.

American Made, Superior Quality.

A little more about Mr. Boomer: the Newfoundland is known for his sweet disposition. He’s like a big, loveable Teddy Bear. He loves children, is intelligent, and aims to please. He’s happiest when he is with his family and hates being left alone for long periods of time. Newfoundlands need plenty of socialization — especially with many different people, sights, sounds, and experiences when young.

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Cutting Boards

Quality, food-grade, custom-made cutting boards for cooking.

Table Tops

Quality, custom-made table tops for bars, homes, and restaurants.

Wall Art

We create custom, wood wall art for your home or business. 

Cheese Boards

Custom made cheese boards to entertain your guests in style.  

Serving Trays

Serve your guests in unique style with our custom wood serving trays. 


Looking for a unique gift? Let us create a custom one for you. 


Boomer’s Boards founded in January 2019 by Aaron Tyler, is the culmination of three decades worth of wood working. After owning a contracting business for a number of years he has found a new passion, wood working.   .

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